Internet Business – For 6 Years I Went to the School of Hard Knocks, Now You Get the Free Cliff Note

If you chose the right internet business option and implement sound strategies you can stop relying on your boss and his company checks to feed you. Do you know how stable your company is? How about your future with the company? Would you rather become your own boss and make a comfortable living working from home in your Pjs? Or at least generate some part time cash pay per install affiliate.

Of course, most people who generate part time cash usually end up quitting their job shortly because once you make a few dollars with an internet business you learn that it is scalable, and the full time revenue comes shortly after.

So, what are some options for making money on the internet?

Create content website and post ads
Sell other peoples products as an affiliate
Sell your physical products on eBay, Kijiji, Craig’s List, etc.
Create your own product
Offer services for sale that you perform or outsource
Fill out surveys for marketing firms
Buy or build websites to sell/flip
So how does a person know what path to follow? Much of it will depend on you and your goals. I have done each of the above options in my quest for a business model that fit my requirements. My goals have changed over the past six years, and last year my goals for an internet business included:

Inexpensive to start and operate
Low to medium effort required
Simple and repeatable systems
Easy to grow and expand
Unlimited earning potential
Work from home or anywhere
Work the hours I choose to work
A year ago I found which option works for me and has allowed me to work from home and while on the road while traveling around the UK and other parts of the word. I didn’t realize how important the “work from anywhere” goal would be. This was made possible by my choice of online business model that I discuss in part two of this article.

I am not sure if it was my choice or if I was just running out of options with I chose to finally make some progress with an internet business. I was fortunate to make decent money selling other peoples products and having the drop shippers sent the products. However, that became a nightmare as I didn’t have any control over the product quality or the order fulfillment, and that led to disaster, stress, and high blood pressure.

Last year I started with option 4: Create your own product. Following this new strategy I conducted research to determine what type of product I would create. I decided to start with an eBook as it is a very simple way to create your own product.

I researched topics using various free research tools available on the internet, such as Google’s Keyword Tool and Wordtracker (free version). Once I chose a topic for the info product I needed to decide if I would write it myself or hire a writer.

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